The Mission Continues…Beautify the Osborn Neighborhood! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The Mission Continues…Beautify the Osborn Neighborhood!

Serving as an organization who provides community service and volunteer projects to military Veteran’s, the Mission Continues hopped onboard the Osborn train this past Monday; continuing their mission through servicing the neighborhood. Setting up shop right outside the ONA office at the Matrix Human Resource Center, the Mission Continues volunteer’s cleared a pathway, creating an inviting and relaxing outdoor park space behind the center. Uplifting the physical environment, and encouraging residents to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors, the Mission Continues participated in ONA’s revitalization efforts, making the Osborn neighborhood a bit more welcoming.

As an intern who has been working at ONA for almost a month, it amazes me how much of a difference an outdoor park could make right next to an old abandoned building. Not really noticing the space prior to the Mission Continues beautifying the area, although it’s been a few days since they have fixed up the space, I couldn’t help but to notice that the physical environment has felt more peaceful. Being somewhat a part of the Mission Continues efforts made me realize how important the little things are to a community. Although building a park is far from little, considering the amount of blighted areas on the eastside, building an outdoor park next to the center is a great way to contribute to cleaning up the deserted areas in the community.


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