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I Still Don’t Know What To Think About ‘New’ Detroit

Before going any further check out this article on National Geographic about the current resurgence of Detroit. Granted, there is no focus on food access or the food system so this isn’t explicitly about my placement. More so it talks about current growth in the city from a variety of angles.

I wanted to read an article about the growth, revitalization, gentrification, renewal, or whatever you want to call it that is currently going on in Detroit, because I don’t really know what to think about it. I definitely don’t feel like I have the first hand experience or knowledge to say how much of the growth is ethical and for the good of the people or just for the gain of white people with money taking advantage of low-cost properties. I feel that a lot of the development is good, but I think it can be problematic as well if the benefits of this growth don’t get funneled back into what the city needs most like a quality public education system.

In short, I like to think that overall the growth is good for Detroit but only time will tell whether the incoming hipsters and investors will stick with Detroit or move on to the next in a long string of urban areas with cheap land and potential. I hear different opinions from every person I speak with about this but can’t find a good way to isolate each individuals bias, like nostalgia or extreme optimism, and feel like I can accurately form my own opinion.Like the M1 rail: I’ve heard people call it as useless as the People Mover or just for Quicken Loans employees, as well as people touting it as a huge leap for public transportation. Which is it? I don’t know.

I can say that I’m happy to be a part of an organization that aims to serve the people who don’t live in Midtown or Downtown and haven’t seen an upswell of growth in their communities. As well as that I’m also optimistic that Detroit will continue to be full of people who care deeply about it.


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  1. I’m sure that a lot of Detroit families are frustrated with the M1 rail mostly because it seems like development in downtown for outsiders, instead of helping develop quality education for the children living outside of the glamour of downtown. I agree with you – development can be great for any city, but ignoring the basic needs of its permanent citizens is an injustice.

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