Our Opportunity – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Our Opportunity

With all of the things happening in the world right now, I sometimes feel completely hopeless. Then there are people, people who are so utterly amazing and empowering. My boss, was talking to me just a couple minutes ago. She talked about how when she was younger and how anything that got done was done by younger people. How the highschoolers all marched out of class in River Rouge, Ecorse and Southwest to protest over the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. She then told me that my generation is the one that is going to do anything about what we’re seeing now. That we are the only ones who will do something about what is going on now. The horrible circumstances are also opportunities, opportunities to break the cycle of violence, opportunities to spread compassion. I think that this will not be in vain, I think that real tangible change will come.

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