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Discouraged Moose

This election has been a weird one for me. I’ve always followed elections very intently (Presidential and congressional) until this one. Don’t get me wrong, I watched debates and I read about the differences between the two sane candidates, but for some reason I just can’t get excited about this election. I absolutely loved Bernie but I was skeptical about whether or not he could enact the changes he was calling for. I thought Hillary was made to look like much worse of a person/politician than she actually is but I still never really loved her (although I’m most certainly #WithHer.) I don’t really need to say anything about any of the Republican candidates besides that they’re all insane except Kasich, who’s insanely boring. Also Jeb! Bush’s campaign was simultaneously the funniest and saddest thing I’ve ever seen… the man looked like he was about to cry at half the debates.

Anyways I’m not really sure why but I just am not that excited about this election and I don’t know why. Like I know 100% that I’m voting for Hillary and there’s nothing that can change my mind but I’m not like “Yay Hillary!” or “I’m so excited I can finally vote!” it’s more like “meh I have to do this.” Which is sad because this is my first election ever and I always thought it would be so dreamy.

The DNC was a perfect example of this… I’ve watched it everytime except this year. This year was the only year I didn’t watch much of it outside of Bill’s speech and both the Obamas (who I fell in love with for the thousandth time.)

Anyways I wish I was more excited but I’m not.

Hopefully 4 years from now is better 🙂

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