I Think I Like Detroit More Than GR – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

I Think I Like Detroit More Than GR

I visited home last weekend so I could celebrate my birthday with my family. It was a fun time, but I realized that I really like being in Detroit. It just seems really strange being in Grand Rapids after being in Detroit. There are just so many things going on in Detroit good and bad that people are so unaware of and it makes me uneasy. There are so many people who just spend their time doing pointless things, says the guy who pours endless hours into video games and running,¬†and if they put a little bit of their time and energy into ending water shutoffs or something like that the problem would be eliminated or at least a solution could be brought about. I guess we just ignore a lot of problems that affect people in our state just because the problem isn’t ours and in each of our minds their is little that we can do about it. It is the classic, well I can’t help because x and y, but if everyone does something small it eventually does lead to some improvement. I really like being here and working at the Sierra Club because it feels like everyone is acting to improve the lives of people. Hopefully I can find something as fulfilling to do after I graduate.

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