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Dear Detroit… Confessions of Love and Confusion

Dear Detroit,

I have always been confused about you. You are unlike anything I have ever known which makes it hard to tell people what you are like. Through the years I have been happy with you then enraged and then happy again. Although we have had good and bad days your relentless efforts to bring the people within your communities together are evident. Even when you were down and out you constantly reminded the people around you  of everything you had. Coney Island, Soul Food, Motown, Doughboyz Cashout, The BIG 3, dancing (the Freak Beat Hustle being your favorite) , and greetings like “What up doe?”, just to name a few . How did you remain so positive?

I have to say , Detroit, you are the strongest person I know.

Even when you heart was weak, you still managed to pump blood to other parts of your body.

When your arteries were clogged with tricky politicians, a terrible illness you are still fighting, your organs: Southwest Detroit, Northwest Detroit, the West side of Detroit, the East Side of Detroit, Indian Village, Palmer Woods, and some of your smaller body parts managed to survive and still function.

Despite your health problems, I admire your ability to constantly boast about who you are. You never seem to let single moments in history define you whether they are good or bad. Instead, you remind people of your resilience which you have always deemed as your best quality.

When you went into surgery a couple of years ago to have several stents placed in your heart you reminded your closest family and friends of that you would be ok. Well, you were right and I am so happy that the stents have been working. Your heart seems to be doing an exceptional job now. However, since your heart was weak for so long your other organs are tired and worn from the over compensation they had to make when your heart was failing.While “doctors” have placed multiple stents in your heart they should not forget about your other organs.

You will never be completely healed if your doctors continuously neglect your other organs which are struggling. As a close friend, it would be a disservice for me not to remind you of this. Remember Detroit, your heart, and organs work best together! You of all people should know this the best.

Once again, I am so glad that you are better and I am looking forward to the true spirit of Detroit reemerging soon.



A letter dedicated to all the people who consider Detroit home. 

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