No Sleep Before 7pm on Tuesdays – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

No Sleep Before 7pm on Tuesdays

I learned a lot from seminars and group meetings.  It is hard to compare them and chose which was better because they are so different and I got different things from both of them.  In seminars I got a lot more information and would compare it to being in a class. While some of the speakers did drone on a bit, that didn’t make the information they were sharing any less valuable.

I feel like I got the most out of the seminar that was about the Detroit water shutoffs. Living in Detroit I have had a lot of experience with the shut off situation. It was nice to hear about the water shut offs from an organization that was working to rectify the situation. What really drew me into the conversation was the fact that the water shutoffs violated United Nations rules.  I got a lot of information and facts in that seminar that I won’t forget.

My favorite group meeting was the group meeting I facilitated. Is that weird? I don’t care trivia was awesome! I really enjoyed how instead of looking at Detroit as a whole big city and trying to learn about a huge piece of Detroit’s history we focused on getting to know the people we had been living with for 9 weeks.  A lot of people in the cohort didn’t know a lot of interesting facts about the people they had been living with. It was nice to see the conversation that the game sparked and people actually come out of their own personal bubble and talk to/ laugh with people

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