Final Blog… Moments – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Final Blog… Moments

“You are more than one experience or moment in time”

In my very first blog post, I was hopeful that I would start exercising and eating healthier on a regular basis. Well, that really did not happen, admittedly, I did not pursue this goal as seriously as I thought I would in the beginning of the program. After getting into the swing of the things and becoming  busier, it just became important for me to eat something after a long day at work. However, since I will not be working or taking any classes after this week I definitely will be focusing on my goal of healthy eating and exercise.

Outside of my personal goals, the program definitely did not go as I planned. Although, the health fair went well and I really enjoyed the people who attended it was definitely not my most meaningful accomplishment in the program. My most meaningful experience in the program occurred yesterday. The last couple of weeks I have been running the Girl Scout meetings and planning for them to do a lemonade stand. Yesterday, they had their very first event and it was a success! 5 of the Parkside Girl’s Scouts came up with the name Formation Lemonade Stand and sold lemonade and ice tea for $1.00 to  people who live and work in the Parkside Villages. I really enjoyed seeing the girls work on their very own project, but most of all I really enjoyed seeing them finally do an activity centered around being a girl scout. Unfortunately, I am not sure how much longer the Parkside Girl Scouts will continue. They need someone who is truly dedicated to creating a troop that will be lasting and sustainable for other girls in Parkside to join and continue for many years.

This brings me to something I said in my first blog post ” You are more than one experience or moment in time”. I often use this phrase when I am trying to get through hard times or when I am reminding myself to look at the big picture. As I look back over the program and think about my placement I am left thinking about how creating sustainable programs matter. While starting programs  are important it is more important to have programs that are lasting and serve the community for a duration of time. As organizations continuously work on creating better environments for communities, sustainability must be talked about during planning and methods on how to realistically achieve this must be at the forefronts of conversations.

Finally, while many of my opinions about certain communities in Detroit have shifted. My opinions about the importance and necessity of community work have been confirmed and made even stronger. I am truly grateful to have had this experience in my hometown.




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