Gentrification Is An itch with a B – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Gentrification Is An itch with a B

To the probably still not wise Dominique and all others who read this,

Welcome to this very long, well maybe not long, it depends on how long the Wifi at Wayne State decides not to act up, blog post. Two days down and things have been interesting to say the least. My first day at work was…let us be honest… slow and quite boring. Not boring in a never want to go back to work kind of way more like a I cannot believe this is what adults do all day kind of thing. Either way, I soon discovered that dark offices + free Mexican food = sleepy intern. To avoid this I would suggest going to a room with better Wifi and lights.
But that is not what you probably want to hear. We are here (by we I mean this cool playlist I found on YouTube and you) to discuss research interny activities. This includes but is not limited to tons of reading that has probably ruined by already poor vision, going to tense meetings and nodding because I understand nothing and finally meeting everyone while eating brownies that I must admit were bomb.
Man this Wifi sucks. Anyhow we must also discuss my views of Detroit. Put shortly gentrification is a totally messed construct (replace “totally messed up construct” with less professional language if desired, see title for ideas). On a more serious note I do know that my, like all views, definitely contains EXTREME implicit bias. Coming from Detroit I understand that Detroit even a year ago did not have a baby blue train running through the street that only served the high end residents of midtown and downtown.  Although the dilapidated buildings were not a pretty sight, I will say that at least with the dilapidated building I saw my people. The “my” here does not only encompass black people but also stretches to the people who have lived here for decades.
Perhaps this is the reason I chose this internship. In a meeting earlier today I was asked why I chose to do this program when it has nothing to do with my major. I wanted to gain something that even with all my degrees I could never attain: perspective. It has been only two days in my internship and already I see that there are many people who care about other areas of Detroit and I cannot wait to be apart of it.
Well this must all end because Wayne State’s Wifi is horrible. The Michigan difference am I right?
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