Blog Post 1 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Blog Post 1

Dear Alyson,

Looks like you finally moved in to your apartment in Detroit!  I would suppose you’re both very excited to start your position as well as be rather nervous about being on your own like this, cooking for yourself, going to work, but I suppose you should get used to it eventually.  As of right now I expect your job is coming along.  It would be a bit slow, sure, but it should be a fun and rewarding experience once you get used to your coworkers and the schedule.  It will be especially rewarding to see how your research contributions will help people.

Out of this whole experience I hope you gain both a further knowledge about how nonprofits work as well as how you can make a difference in this community and ones similar with the skills you have gained through research.  I hope to not only contribute the skills gained from my undergraduate research to the organization, but also ideas towards data collection and creative ideas for businesses in the area.

As a Detroiter, I have always viewed Detroit as my home, and I have always wanted the city to be seen as vibrant and amazing as I thought it was.  There is improvement, true, but it is overshadowed with gentrification that makes me feel less welcome.  I want to make it a place for people like me, which motivates me even more to get involved with Detroit activism.


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