Week 1: Here we go! – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 1: Here we go!

Okay so let’s talk!

It’s been three days since I started at the Detroit Food Academy (DFA) and I’ve already done so much. The first day started off sort of slow with so much reading. So. Much. Reading! But I learned so much. The articles answered a lot of the questions that you had when I first came upon this project. Day two, I basically plopped myself in a chair and input data all day which is great and all, but when do you think we’ll get to the heavy stuff?

I want to be hands-on, I want to meet the students and learn some new recipes, and eat some good food! Angela makes me so excited to start on this. We talk about all of these events and trips with the students. On my second day at DFA, I went to a meeting and it was so relaxed and friendly (for reference of how laid-back it was, we ended up on the topic of memes. Isn’t that hilarious?) But the most surprising part was the fact that in this meeting they also did their work and got to the points that they needed in a timely manner. This is the kind of company that I would want to have, a company that is casual but also has an important mission and gets their work done. I think the only thing that I can really contribute to DFA are my fresh eyes and ideas about their data collection methods, which Angela assures me is more than enough help. On day three, I really got into this and started reviewing the content of their surveys and how I can make it better.

When I first started at DFA, I was directed to have meetings with all of the DFA staff which I think will be really insightful because I’m assuming that they all have different reasons for joining and being passionate about it so I’m excited to discover what they think about the whole idea of DFA. I feel like the personalities are very different so I think the conversations and interactions will be interesting.

I am so excited for this summer! My roommates are nice, they cook food, and we take really adorable pictures. Right now, we have a great dynamic and I hope we maintain that throughout the program. The personalities that I have encountered so far has really set the tone for how I think the summer will go. There are so many people who have never been to Detroit and who want to explore and experience the city. I am excited to learn more about Detroit and go to all of the places that I’ve never been. Right now, Detroit represents promise, a chance to learn and explore new things and make new memories. Detroit and this program in generally is a fresh start on what I should have learned about throughout my lifetime living the city.

I hope that when I’m finished with this program I have a better sense of Detroit, become more knowledgeable, and of course find some places to get some really good food. Maybe by the time that I’m done, I can show some of my friends around and actually know what I’m doing.

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