DCBRP – Week 1 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

DCBRP – Week 1

Today marks the last work day of the first week at my internship at Friends of Parkside. When I first walked into the office of Parkside, I was somewhat nervous yet excited about this new expenditure. My task for the summer is to coordinate the 9th Annual Health Fair FOP (Friends of Park Side) holds for the residents of Parkside. The annual health fair was created in order to provide healthy, nutritional, and safe resources to the community members of Parkside after an assessment was made by graduate students of The University of Michigan School of Public Health. I must also recruit past and new vendors that will provide free beneficial resources in order to enhance the everyday lives of the health fair attendees, such as HID/STD testing and mobile dentists. After analyzing previous health fairs and studies that assessed the needs of the community, it is my responsibility to reach out to agencies and organizations that will fill in the gaps the community lacks in resources. Since it is my first time planning an event this big, I’m nervous about properly executing a successful health fair for the residents of Parkside. However, I’m ready to take on this overwhelming yet rewarding challenge.

Besides taking on the task of becoming adjusted to a new workplace, I also have to readjust to living in a city I call home. After my family moved from Detroit when I was a freshman at Michigan, I never fully lived in the city I grew up since then, until now. Many structural and societal elements have drastically shifted in Detroit in the past few years, especially in midtown and downtown. Having the opportunity to experience the changes for an extensive amount of time will assist in analyzing the benefits and setbacks of some the changes in Detroit. Overall, I’m truly excited about being in a cohort that is passionate about working with organizations in Detroit that cater to enhancing the wellbeing of its residents.

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  1. Hey Cescily

    I think you’ll find the changes in Detroit to be really interesting. Especially when it comes to the demographics of the city.

    I’ve found the it’s not so much that the residents have changed, but the people controlling what happens to their city has.

    Regardless, enjoy reconnecting with Detroit this summer.

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