This be that Sh!t I be talkin’ bout (smh) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

This be that Sh!t I be talkin’ bout (smh)

This article tells about a deadly shooting that happened on Detroit’s East Side recently. Apparently, it all stemmed from a verbal argument that took place at a club a few hours before. Cases like this not only attribute to the fear that so many people have about visiting the city, but also adds to the issue of black-on-black violence we have in our community. Both these effects is what makes it so hard for Detroit–and the black community–to overcome what terrible stigma placed on us by mainstream media. If what this news article says is true, that the murder was the result of a verbal argument, then I can’t help but share other people’s perception of Detroit being too violent to visit. My main concern is that  so many people here [in Detroit] are incapable of resolving conflict in civilized fashion. Why did this man have to die just because he got into an argument?!

My hopes for my city is that one day we will learn that “life” is more important than earning respect. Growing up in the rough parts of Detroit, I am all-to-familiar with the concept of “respect” being seen as a form of currency, and that in order to get “respect” you have to do dangerous things sometimes. We need to move away from this mentality, because so many times doing “dangerous things” to earn respect leads to harming someone, or even killing them. I hate hearing and reading about stories like this that showcase my people (both Detroiters, and the black community) as savages. It’s no wonder why a so many Detroiters abandon their city. I don’t know what the solution is to this problem, but like I said earlier: I just hope that one day we are able to figure it out and become more loving to one another.

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