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a heart for art


Ever since starting on this project Art For Learning’s Sake, my senses have all become highly attuned to anything related to arts in education here in Detroit, from brochures to child care centres and etc. This article that I came across made me glad, simply because one of the main impetus for this project was the increasing lack of formal education in the arts in Detroit schools. The new Detroit school board’s decision to make art a priority will see replacements of damaged or stolen equipment, 15 new teachers hired to create arts and music programs in 30 to 45 schools, and a greater reach to students who are reluctant about attending classes.

This article was bittersweet to read. Sweet because I am beyond happy for this new development, and its long-term implications for the students of Detroit. Bitter because I reflect upon my own country and the condition of its education system. But that being said, there’s no point in wallowing in misery over what can be challenged, and hopefully, changed for the better. So here’s to being out with the old, and in with the new.

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  1. Julia Josephine Barron

    I find it bitterly amazing how government, state, and city ignore the conditions of education for decades, and with slight progression in the right direction the education system still has light years to go.

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