Week 10 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 10

I can’t believe how quiet I was entering into this program.

I know Domonique would make jokes about me being social instead to my usual reserved being, but now I see it. I expected myself to be a person who fades into the background, doesn’t make their voice heard, and appeases rather than face conflicts/disagreements head on. I’m really proud of myself for being more ‘out there’ with my being. I’ve faced conflicts, disagreements, and even moments of discomfort where no one was to blame. I never shied away, and when I tried to, my friends would encourage me to face my problems.

Being thrown into a groups of people who I don’t know really helped me grow this past summer. I’ve made new friends that I anticipate on seeing next year and discovered that people’s cultural differences don’t (completely) hinder the potential of building a relationship. The only thing that I expected that came true was most of my money being spent on food.

To my fellow DCBRPers: Can’t wait to see some of you guys on campus!

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