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Culture at Parkside

There are many different cultural aspects that can be seen at Parkside. There are people of all ages, which allows for different cultures to come together. People in this community speak to everyone they see, and many will strike up an entire conversation with someone they just met. This really exemplifies the inclusive culture at Parkside and how the residents value creating relationships with one another.

Another thing about Parkside is that no one bites their tongue. People will say exactly what is on their mind to ensure that their truth is conveyed. This is a great indicator of the culture of openness that exists.

The culture in my workplace is the same. We all intermingle and speak openly with each other in a relaxed environment. Overall, Parkside exemplifies interaction, openness, and generosity.

2 thoughts on “Culture at Parkside”

  1. This sounds like a progressive, healthy environment! I think open and honest interactions help people find solutions faster and more efficiently, and so it must be important in the nonprofit sector (with so little money and so many people in trouble). I’m excited to hear more about what you’re doing.

  2. Skylar Elizabeth Wheeler Burkhardt

    That sounds like a great work environment! It seems like being surrounded by truthful warm community is the ideal place to be. Is the environment the same among adults as with the kids you work with? I hope the positive environment continues 🙂

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