Week 8 – MUFI – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8 – MUFI

This week I want to reflect more on our group visit to the Michigan Urban Farm Initiative, and what we have learned post-volunteering. Unfortunately, after volunteering there I read an article (that was later sent to the group) about the organization’s checkered past, especially as it pertained to the owner and his relationship to the local community. This was particularly disappointing to me because I really happened to find that volunteering the most fun one we have done this whole program. Perhaps is is just a natural by product of my days spent inside a dim-lit office that made me enjoy the sun and dirt, but nevertheless I found our time there to be truly enjoyable and rewarding. It is too bad we won’t have an opportunity to go to the other farm as a group, but I sincerely hope that next year and in the future there is always at least one group meeting set aside for an urban farming day. (and just more outdoors activities in general)

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