Week 8: Weekly Meetings – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Weekly Meetings

In the beginning, I wondered how we would meet two times each week and not run out of things to talk about. Surprisingly, these meetings were always fun, engaging, and informative in some way. My favorite meeting would have to be the group trip to the Motown museum. I have always wanted to go with my family, but going with the group was a great experience. I absolutely love artists such as The Temptations, The Jackson Five, Smokey Robinson, and the list goes on forever. To be able to visit the place where they once came to produce the music that I have grown to love is incredible, and doing it with my group of friends from this program made it even better.

I am truly grateful for all of the group meetings because they allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and meet some amazing people in this program. These meetings have also set the stage for dialogue about topics that many find difficult to speak about. They have brought each of us together and have allowed us to speak and think freely in a respectful and comfortable space.  I am truly grateful for each of these meetings and how they have united us as a group.

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  1. I had no idea you loved those artists! I agree that it was super cool to visit that museum and see the actual architecture and instruments that played a role in creating that music. It was fun to go as a group together because it didn’t directly have to do with current issues in Detroit, and we were able to look at the cultural history and truly appreciate it. Well said!

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