Joy’s Detroit Life: Chapter 8 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Joy’s Detroit Life: Chapter 8

Oh my goodness y’all, the program is almost over. That is absolutely wild, I’m shocked at how quickly the time has gone. Even weekly, I would be amazed at how quickly the weekday would go then *poof* it was the weekend. I’m feeling super grateful to have been accepted into this program (thanks Jenna! thanks Theresa for telling me about this!) but I will talk more about my gratitude later this week.

Right now I am reflecting on group events that resonated with me was the Juneteenth event. I’ve mentioned that art of all kinds means a lot to me, and the event utilized various mediums of presentation including songs, monologues, and spoken word to speak on inequities happening in the world. I recall being very angry at the world that day due to general prejudice and inequity in the world, so I’m not sure if the event added fuel to the fire that was my sadness, disappointment and anger regarding the world thus far or created a space for me that allows me to be angry in a world where the emotions of Black women are seen as too much. Additionally, issues typically spoken about at an international level (e.g. human trafficking) were brought to home, opening my eyes to how prevalent it is in the city. This event solidified for me how entangled and interwoven inequity is in this nation and more specifically in Detroit.

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