Week 8: Tuesday Meetings – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Tuesday Meetings

Of all the things that I have been given the opportunity to do in Detroit this summer, our Tuesday group meetings have to be a highlight for me. While each event and program that we have attended has been unique and different, they all have complimented each other. They have all told the same story of Detroit. the story that while on the surface Detroit may look like an abandoned wasteland; if one was just to peek back the layers they would find a buzzing life and energy that has always existed here. One of creativity, solidarity and resistance. Beginning with the tour of downtown the we took with Jamon one of our first weeks here, to the Juneteenth event that we attended and finally the Motown Museum that we toured just this last week. There is a whole life and culture whose truth deserves to be told.

Prior to this summer and the program I did not really have any strong opinions or thoughts about Detroit. Mostly I just saw it as a place of abandonment and struggle. This summer has taught me many things, for example, although I don’t really see myself hurrying back to move here. I have a newfound respect and connection to this city and the people of it that I did not have before this summer. Now when I think about Detroit, I see it as a place of resistance, a place and people that despite every effort otherwise they refuse to be wiped out. And that is the story that I will take back with me to not only the rest of my time at Michigan but whatever career venture I end up pursuing.



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