Week 8: Because of YOU – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 8: Because of YOU

This week has been giving me whiplash with all of the emotional highs and lows, but the consistent support of the people I have met here has made each meeting, outing, and event so enjoyable and worthwhile. My situation was fairly unique to the cohort; I didn’t have a roommate and was the only person from DCBRP at my placement! And, while I’m not complaining… I realize both of those things and the fact that I’m pretty introverted made it difficult to make friends initially. I guess I was lucky, then, that you guys are some of the coolest, kindest most sincere, intelligent, and accepting people I have ever met.

I could easily rattle on about all of the most memorable events–

The one that made me dance: Motown Museum Group Tour

The ones that took me out of my comfort zone: The Concert of Colors, Juneteenth

…or put me to work: Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

The one that made me think you all were dirty children: Quiplash Game

The ones that blew my mind with insight: Talking with Yusef Shakur, Detroit 67 Perspectives, and the subsequent information Scarlett shared about the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative.

But, honestly, I realize that the best parts were always seeing everyone’s mutual enjoyment, sitting by someone new and getting to know them a little bit better in that time, all the while transforming the perspective I had of my hometown. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I’ve had with all of the people I have gotten to know, whether directly or not…

…and it’s not quite over yet, guys!


Ps. I truly appreciate Kyle, Scarlett, and Aries for driving me to Tues./Thurs. events, and for everyone who drove me around the city (– <3)


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