Week 9 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9

Reading the prompt for this week made me cringe a bit. I didn’t want to go back and read my letter. I distinctly remember putting off writing it because it felt so uncomfortable to type to myself in the third person.

I was absolutely right if you’re wondering, shouldn’t have read it. I’m having flashbacks of physically and psychologically cringing as I typed. But we’re here now. No way past it but through it.

But before that, since I’ve already type to myself once this summer-

Bash, learn to stick with one tense, and one POV when you’re writing. Ok thanks.

Back to this. I thought my letter was pretty okay. Lacking in depth if anything, but it’s interesting to see how I actually pursued the things I wanted myself to pursue. I wanted to branch out to Detroiters and learn more about their city, their hometown, and I wanted them to tell me their stories in whatever way they wanted to tell them, and I wanted myself to be open to that. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zones. I wanted to learn more about the city, particularly in terms of government and policies.

In one way or another, I did all those things, and I’m really proud that I accomplished what I came here to do, in some degree. I went to places and met people I never could have expected visit or meet, and it was an all around eye opening and fun summer. I didn’t really have any expectations for the summer, and that’s why I think it went so well. This program has truly been an enchanting one, and I’m thankful for the experience.

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