Week 9 The Outro – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 9 The Outro

As I say farewell to my time in DCBRP, I will be forever thankful for allowing me the experience to live and work in Detroit. Each summer, I’ve gone abroad across the world and barely spent time “home”, but boy did it feel good being right here in the city! It’s crazy how much more I’ve learned about the city just from this summer – from the immense amount of slave history behind Detroit, to all the cool things to do for fun, to visiting neighborhoods I’ve never been to, to going to the Hitsville museum for the first time!

Working at Fresh Corner has broaden my perspective of interventions that can be done to help urban food deserts. Last summer , I worked with a non-profit urban garden that offers food for free and this summer, I worked with a social entrepreneurship plugging more food into vital communities. I’ve also had the pleasure of helping plan out what other communities can utilize fresh pop-ups/markets, prepare for EBT being accepted, and administer surveys for the MI Plato Mi Vida program in Southwest Detroit. It’s so awesome to continue to do work in the field that I love and in the city that I love, too. I really enjoyed learning more and more about the harmful impacts of gentrification in the city and  I really look forward to living and working downtown hopefully after graduation!

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  1. I enjoy hearing that you enjoyed your time here! It’s always nice to hear, or in this case, read someone’s passions. I wish you the best!

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