Letter to Me – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Letter to Me

Dear, Dennis M Morrison

There was a lot of distractions. You failed at lot because of this, A lot. Things aren’t any  different now. However it’s all about the process. Things are slowly falling into place. Don’t try to rush things, Don’t try to fit into spaces that you don’t belong in. Be true to who you are, to who God made you. It’s okay not to fit into to all spaces. To get along with everyone. Always respect yourself; love yourself; trust yourself. That’s the thing you never do, yet is the most important. You lie to yourself and you believe it. Your always been blessed. You always been chosen. You know your talents. You know all you need is vision and focus. Add prayer and disciple; you will succeed.


The older you. The one who worked out two times a day; prayed; reflected; and read. You could, you did, you succeed.

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