Letter to Myself – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Letter to Myself

June is a month of change and growth with the start of a new internship and apartment living. Working with the school district you graduated from will be very interesting since you provide a unique perspective to the team that truly no one else has. Hopefully, your opinion can be used to create change in the district that is so desperately needed. On top of that, apartment living is way more complex than you thought! The first night, it hit you that you actually need to keep up with buying toilet paper and hand soap for the first time in your life. It is more evident than before that dorm life is definitely pampered with a variety of luxuries that are no longer afforded to you. The amazing part about this new internship is that its in your city! You are now able to live downtown for the very first time and do work that will be directly impacting individuals that you may very well know personally. To add stars to the sky, your cohort is a group of amazing people. The way that you all adapted to each other and created a community is remarkable. With these nine weeks, do all that you can, try as much as you can, and just have fun. Welcome to adulthood Diamond!

2 thoughts on “Letter to Myself”

  1. Oluwadamilola Zechariah Sado

    I see myself in this too, thinking someone was gonna come clean my room or make me food. I might come get your help figuring this adult thing out.

  2. Madison Fetterman

    As your roommate I am very thankful for the supplies you bought us! Also, it’s so cool that you are from Detroit! You definitely are lucky to be interacting with the city through that lens of experiences.

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