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week six

Through the entirety of the program, I learned a few things. One, a city makes a person who they are. The closer someone is to there city the more their city influences them. This can be both negative and positive. First, I want to talk about the negative. Not because I want to be a […]

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In my feeling My personal feelings to this article is respect. I respected this article due to the perspective it has pertaining to the new investments into the city. It goes into to depth regarding to the death the city had and how the investments were a tool used for said debt. “ It filed on July

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New Detroit

A cultural cue In my workplace is family. Vague as this may sound unity and understanding is very important to use at Focus: Hope. At least at  the farmers market. At the market we bond with community as we work with each other. Learning about the different struggles people face in the community, the different

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What I see

During these week one observation I noticed the lack of food opportunity in Detroit. Markets and  stores lack  fruits and vegetables, showing  the lack of access in urban areas. During this week my organization focused on fixing this by building gardens and providing the community with availability  to fruits and vegetables through our food market which

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My program.

I work for FOCUS: Hope. This program was created to stop racism/discrimination as well as prevent poverty. In this company, we create programs that provides: education, food; and jobs. This way it creates a net for the community to support itself. By sustain constant levels of education, food, and employment in the community. For my

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Letter to Me

Dear, Dennis M Morrison There was a lot of distractions. You failed at lot because of this, A lot. Things aren’t any  different now. However it’s all about the process. Things are slowly falling into place. Don’t try to rush things, Don’t try to fit into spaces that you don’t belong in. Be true to

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