UNE LETTRE POUR MOI – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program



What’s good you, I guess me?

Hope you enjoyed your little break from school. Must be nice right, well don’t forget about the program you gotta go to. Yeah, the DCBRP with Focus Hope.

It’s about time you go to Detroit for things other than church, groceries and some service activities. The whole reason I decided to be a part of this program was to develop upon what I learned from Generation of Promise Program. The program showed Detroit to me from a different perspective, different from what the news shows such as Downtown, Midtown and the “questionable” characters that populate the city. Now it is my turn to be this same voice, although it will be in an office, the impact I can have is immeasurable ( except if they calculate how much more money or service they receive partly due to my help). Get ready to paint Detroit in a new and real light, and be ready to give her your all.

It is important that you achieve the goals that I set, you know : Gaining a better understanding of the city, doing your best to help Focus Hope accomplish their mission, forming new connections and having fun. I think you should expect to work a lot because non-profits are non-profits for a reason, and not everyone buys into that mentality. Do your best to make sure you find joy and a silver lining even if you get tired of what u gotta do. There will be multiple avenues to experience different situations, so don’t think about things too much and do what you can do.

Yeah, make sure you don’t forget to be instrumental to the program,come up with an awesome analyzing model and make sure they on the best online data storage system. Also, the experience you get from these activities are to be shared so others can do their part.

Do your best to stay out of troubles and don’t be cooped up in the dorm; enjoy your time in this great city that has a lot to offer.

A bientot.

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  1. Dennis Morrison

    I’m glad to see your evolution and your passion. I can’t wait to see where this internships goes over the summer so the passion you have can mold into to stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. Also I like the connection you made between the two cities. I want more of that. Change needs to happen everywhere. I believe possible know, that one way to over through the buyer that looks at you as nothing but property is to work with those on the same auction block as you. That being said, I can’t to see what you do the city…as well as your own.

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