osado – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program


Week 9

A motivation I had for participating in Focus Hope was to see the organization from a different perspective and my time there introduced me to multiple sections of the organization. I was able to work with the organization to help different groups people, ranging from kids to adults. Although I got a great exposure to […]

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Week 8

Events/group meeting reflection. Use They group  events we attended were informative, some taught me new information about the city and how certain policies affected different populations, while others presented me with a new perspective on a range of issues i was aware of. Being able to develop additional understanding of these events was one of

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Week 7

A constant experience that stands out to me is the time I spend with other individuals in the program. Most times this shared experience is in the lounge but not limited to this location. The reason it stands out is due to the conversations we have, ranging from our favorite food to how we’ll react

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Week 6

My time in Detroit has certainly changed my perspective of the city. Being able to witness the dichotomy present within two sectors of the city has impacted my understanding of the city. As the book we read describes these sectors the 7.2 and rest of Detroit. When thinking about this divide it is confusing as

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Week 5

https://archpaper.com/2019/02/five-years-after-detroit-bankruptcy-design-fuels-recovery/ The above article highlights the change that is coming to Detroit and seeks to speak the “truth”. I believe the article reads true, but it disregards the other factors that diminishes the legitimacy of facts stated therein. It does a great job portraying the old Detroit, as it is called by individuals looking to

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Week 4

Focus Hope’s culture focus heavily on appearance, to better define this : It is important to dress and act professionally. The main reason for this culture is emphasizing the importance of employees being role models for individuals participating in the numerous programs the organization offers. In this spirit of professionalism , the employees are of

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Week 3

  A reoccurring observation I noticed about my organization is the tenacity and the fight against limits expressed there. My project involves learning about the organization’s history and this was the exposure that showed me the lengths the organization will go to achieve a mission of equity in Detroit. Over the years the organization has

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Week TWO

I work with FOCUS HOPE, just like its name the organizations main goal is to bring hope to Detroit. The main mission of the organization is to end the cycle of poverty, racism and injustice in Detroit. A future being envisioned by the program is for this same mission to be in effect throughout the

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