My program. – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

My program.

I work for FOCUS: Hope. This program was created to stop racism/discrimination as well as prevent poverty. In this company, we create programs that provides: education, food; and jobs. This way it creates a net for the community to support itself. By sustain constant levels of education, food, and employment in the community. For my personal project, I am currently looking at the impact to company has on the community and the nation.

This week has been…interesting. I was never one to set behind a desk and type. So that takes some getting use to because I’m not use to sitting in one place looking at one thing for 8 hours out of the day. Outside of that, the week has been good in a sense. I and my partner ( Zach) have made a lot forward momentum when it comes to finding the impact of the company. I am  excited  to where we go as the program continues and we on to bigger projects.

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