Week TWO – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week TWO

I work with FOCUS HOPE, just like its name the organizations main goal is to bring hope to Detroit. The main mission of the organization is to end the cycle of poverty, racism and injustice in Detroit. A future being envisioned by the program is for this same mission to be in effect throughout the US and worldwide. My intended contribution to this mission is to help showcase the impact of the program over the years, promoting a new program for advocating for environmentally friendly buildings and the last contribution is to fully bring the organization’s online storage practices to the 21st Century.

It has been an interesting first week with the organization; i had to get used to working from 9-5, which i believe was the most difficult task for me to accomplish. I am usually at the desk everyday except for Wednesdays. My days usually involve staring at my computer screen and conducting research on how to go about my project. Wednesday was the change to this pace as I was outside the whole day. The org runs a Farmers Market on Wednesday and I was in charge of helping set up the market. Although the task was tiring, it was worth it in the end when the market was filled with people and i was able to have interesting conversation at the market. Apart from the usual trading at the Farmers Market there was a DJ, numerous activities and game throughout the time i was there. It was a fun experience and needed change to my week.

I would say my first week has been eventful to say the least. I was able meet new people, learn more about the city during an historical tour and developed a better relationship with other students in the program.





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  1. It was really cool going to the farmer’s market the other day. It seems like a cool space. It sounds nice that on Wednesdays you get to do that so it’s not all office work.

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