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Working to Educate

Working in the central office within a school district as big as Detroit Public Schools Community District has its challenges. As a DPSCD graduate, I was only privy to a certain amount of information no matter how long I was the main office aide. Managing 106, soon to be 110 schools stretched across Detroit in only a mere of 4 floors in the Fisher Building is a bigger task that needs more space. All of us are stationed at our cubicles staring at our desktops most times answering countless emails or phone calls. Sometimes it becomes so much, you hear deep sighs of exhaustion and frustration so often it sounds like a song stuck on repeat. Other days, you hear laughter along with bright smiles as you walk down the hall, those are the great days. The dry days in the office seem the longest but honestly, that is most likely when the most work is done. Going into the schools this week teaching Junior Achievement showed all of the hard work of my department colleagues put to action. Educating 3rd-grade students about financial literacy now could be the stepping stone needed to change their financial decisions forever. Many students thought having credit cards was the way to go, but after thoroughly talking about it, they soon realized that it is not their money and interest is applied. The photo below shows the area for the entire Office of Enrollment along with Piper, another intern from Michigan State. In the background, you’ll notice our messiness because working for DPSCD will have you running to schools, meetings, and back to your desk every day. Our space may be smaller but as long as we have our maps, desktops, and each other we’ll be fine.

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  1. Haley Ruth Divis

    I think it’s awesome that education about financial literacy is starting so early. Being in public health I’ve had many lectures dedicated to emphasizing how important early childhood education is and the earlier the better. Sounds like you’re working hard, I’m excited to keep reading your posts!

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