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The End of the Road

After reflecting on my first post, I would say that this experience has exceeded my expectations. My opinion truly did matter at my placement because of my unique perspective being a DPSCD graduate. Many times my colleagues would ask my opinion on what should be done which was great for me. I truly felt as […]

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Group Events

As a native Detroiter, I truly enjoyed beginning the program with a tour from Jamon. Although I had already explored most of the spots visited, I never took the time to learn and/or read the history that was there. I find that many times we tend to focus on the present when in a city

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Week 7

Outside of my placement is where all the real fun occurs. Since I work for a school district, I find that we all tend to be very serious being that we are making decisions that will alter thousands of students’ lives. I find that our cohort has the most fun in the kitchen or the

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The Home Stretch

July has been an extremely busy month for the Office of Enrollment with roughly 4 community events, 2 House of Worship visits, and training every week. I have now been ‘promoted’ as Coordinator for the Ambassador Program that handles all logistics to those weekly events listed. As I am starting to get a steady regime

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Week 4

As one of the youngest individuals at my placement, I knew coming in that age may be an issue. When it comes to deciding about the education of Detroit students, the conversation can get intense with all of the differing opinions and backgrounds. Being that I am the youngest, sometimes it felt as if I

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