Week Three – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Three

I have been observing that my community organization provides many opportunities for the Villages of Parkside residents. Leading planning committee meetings has shown me that residents are very concerned with making sure everyone’s needs are met during the health fair by making sure we address women’s, men’s, senior’s, and children’s health. I like that residents are the majority of the planning committee which is important because they are the target audience for the health fair. I enjoy being in an environment where everyone knows each other. A few days out of the week I have the opportunity to interact with a few residents. I am able to learn more about different issues and hear their stories and life lessons. Although my project is not focused on coordinating programs for Friends Of Parkside, I believe that the programs that the organization offers are very beneficial and similar to the opportunities that I would have enjoyed as a kid. I was the chaperone for the Fishing Feast that Friends Of Parkside arranged for the kids from Villages of Parkside. There are a few programs that they offer that are similar to programs that I participated in when I was younger, which I found very helpful.

This is an image of the entrance to Friends Of Parkside. This is where most of the things described above take place.

I look at the changes in Detroit differently now. I learned more about the history and deconstruction of different neighborhoods after watching the film on Tuesday. It reminded me to pay more attention to reconstruction and always consider who’s going to be negatively affected. 


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