Week 4 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 4

Hello All, 

Ever since I started working at Osborn, I have taken notice of the workplace culture because of its ability to highlight the aspect of the race, gender, and the community culture at large. Here at ONA, we have a “flat” environment and the work completed by everyone is very much independent of others work. I am used to environments where the hierarchy is outlined and workers work within the confines of their roles. The shift in work culture has been a cultural shock, but one that I have come to accept. Being that my worksite has a male dominant environment with a majority of black employees, I have not had a cultural shock in that aspect. I do notice the differences in my comfortability at work compared to back at school due to the racial and gender breakdown of my work environment. Moreover, the cultural cues that I have received have been within my comfort zone, but I could imagine how difficult it could be for someone who does not have such similarities with their supervisors.


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