MSU Extension Culture – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

MSU Extension Culture

The MSU Extension is developing an urban agriculture site on the west side of Detroit. This site sites on the former elementary school that was demolished in 2016. Since that time, majority of the community recognized that area as an abandoned field. People would generally walk through it, and there’s often trash dropped around the perimeter.

As we began to develop the site, there was a lot of curiosity on what the area would be used for. When bringing in woodchips, we were questioned on whether or not we were dumping on the site. Some people were interested just to know what would be there since two men were often in the field doing who knows what.

This community surrounding the site seems to want the best for the neighborhood.

For those with relationships with the MSU Extension, it varies a lot. Naim, my supervisor has connections with many urban agriculture sites across Detroit, and plans to strengthen the relationship with them. These farmers range in age (often younger) and ethnicity.

I’m interested to see what becomes of the culture in Detroit as things continue to expand in areas outside of the District Detroit.

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