Week 6: Work Style – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6: Work Style

I’ve been learning a lot about what I need in order to do well at work this summer. Because the org is very small, I’m often working alone. I’ve found that I do best on days when we have group meetings because talking to other people helps me focus even though that sounds counterproductive. I like a combination of collaborative work and then breaking off to do things on my own. I also like to do a mix of tasks where it’s not just me sitting at a computer all the time. Days that I get a chance to attend a planning session or tidy the office, I find my research work is much more effective because I can focus better. Also, work environment matters a lot. Since organizing and cleaning up the office as a team, it’s felt much better to work since I feel like I have connection to the space.

office with a fake plant and a painted banner on the wall with the soulardarity logo: the name of the org and a solar streetlamp against a city skyline silhouette
The office post-organizing and decorating
lsa logoum logo