Week 5 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 5

Five years after Detroit’s bankruptcy, design fuels recovery

The above article highlights the change that is coming to Detroit and seeks to speak the “truth”. I believe the article reads true, but it disregards the other factors that diminishes the legitimacy of facts stated therein. It does a great job portraying the old Detroit, as it is called by individuals looking to change the landscape, and paints a bright incoming future due to gentrification. A future of change and equity is painted in the article. The comments made about cohabitation of detroiters and the the increasing new populace sounds promising, but taking into accounts how those plans have fared thus far, it seems like a future that might not be possible. The article also portrays developers and investors like Dan Gilbert as saviors, rescuing the downtrodden city from the incapable hands of municipal government, bringing the city to a new frontier and making Detroit into a model city aspired by many. I am not actively trying to diminish the authors efforts in showing the importance placed upon keeping “old” Detroit, but I believe the author chooses to ignore the reality, monetization of the city and creation of wealth for the firms involved, and tries to pander a fairy tale. I think my reservations about gentrification are showing in my reaction towards this article but I would advise you to read it so you can develop your own understanding of the article.

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  1. I commend you for trying to be unbiased. I think you are more than fair in your observations that the gentrification of Detroit can be seen from many unflattering angles.

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