The Home Stretch – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The Home Stretch

July has been an extremely busy month for the Office of Enrollment with roughly 4 community events, 2 House of Worship visits, and training every week. I have now been ‘promoted’ as Coordinator for the Ambassador Program that handles all logistics to those weekly events listed. As I am starting to get a steady regime for how the program will operate, I realized that my time is coming to an end. Pop-up enrollment centers and summer fun centers are starting at the end of July which leaves me little time to engage with families.

On the brighter side, I have been working with principals on a new beautification project for our 4 new schools opening in the Fall. The event is themed as the ‘Central Office Blitz’ and will have nearly 600 volunteers who will be painting the building, planting flowers, and conducting maintenance inside of the building. I am very excited to see how it all comes together.

P.S. Another intern noticed my face plastered on posters in the office and on current District kicker cards


P.S.S. If any of your community placements would donate plants or other beautification materials please let me know!


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