Week 6 Reflections from Week 7 – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week 6 Reflections from Week 7

I was going to do a fun blog critiquing the baking expertise of Janani and Adam, but instead I will express my frustration with the current living arrangements we are in. I started by thinking this was a great time for me to finally get the dorm life experience I    need in college. Now, I have seen people between the ages of 11 and 30 living with me and I truly just don’t understand how this is acceptable. When I am stable enough to bare children, I would never allow my 11 year old to live in the same building as a 30 year old by themselves. Beyond this issue, our things are not safe in the kitchen because the other occupants of this building believe they can use whatever pots and pans are here. IT IS NOT THERES. It also is so loud. I miss the times when we were the only people here. Finally, it is not fair that just because children are here I can’t have visitors. As an adult, it is not fair to monitor my space.

Sorry for the rant.

That is all.

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