karlabe – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program


Week 9

Welp, We are here and our time has come to an end. I truly say I didn’t know the huge impact that being in this program has been. The biggest lesson I believe that I gained from this experience that I didn’t have an understanding of in the first week is the way I need […]

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Week 5 Reflections from Week 7

https://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/dining/mark-kurlyandchik/2019/04/22/russell-street-deli-closing-eastern-market-detroit/3540974002/ This article is talking about the story of a restaurant that has become a common trend for many of the older restaurant in Detroit. The Russell Street Deli has been a long time staple in Detroit, with the current owner, Ben Hall, starting at the restaurant as a dish washer in 1996 and taking

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Week 4

If I could think of the Green Garage in one word  it would be collaborative. There are over 50 businesses and about 110 people working here.Common practices include daily walks around the city, baked goods brought in to share placed on the common counter in the kitchen, and Friday brown bag lunches where people from

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Week 3

I spend a large amount of my time inside my office called Green Garage. Green Garage is a sustainable and environment friendly work space. Many of the materials used to create the green garage are recycled and they run off a large percentage of reusable energy. Another thing that they do to be sustainable is

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Week 2

So, I have now spent two weeks in the city of Detroit and I habe to say one thing that I truly enjoy is the people. On Friday, my job took us on an open house where we were able to talk to some small business owners including Ms. Eda who owns the commons, a

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Week 1

Dear Karla B, This was my first choice of internship and after spending a day exploring some of the FoodLab businesses and driving around the city with Devita, I am confident that this summer will be incredibly impactful for me as well as giving me the opportunity to make a difference in the city of

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