Week Seven: Memorable Experience – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Seven: Memorable Experience

A memorable experience, outside of my community placement, would be the tours of the city with Jamon Jordan. Jamon was an exceptional presenter and highlighted aspects of the city that I did not notice, or probably would not have went out far enough to see. I was also enlightened when Jamon broke down the history of the city, and how major streets in Detroit, such as chene and dequindre, are actually mispronounced everyday, and if you try to correct someone they will tell you that you are incorrect. After experiencing these tours I now have a heightened sense of the deep history and legacy that encapsulates the city of Detroit. I am very grateful to have had this wonderful and amazing experience.

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  1. Oluwadamilola Sado

    I can relate to enjoying jamon’s tours and how his telling of Detroit’s story presents new knowledge about this city.

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