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Group Events

As a native Detroiter, I truly enjoyed beginning the program with a tour from Jamon. Although I had already explored most of the spots visited, I never took the time to learn and/or read the history that was there. I find that many times we tend to focus on the present when in a city and not about the past that created the present. The way that Jamon spoke with true knowledge and interest was truly intriguing and I would love to attend his full-length tours. Overall, I felt as if all of our group events were unique to the city of Detroit and gave us all a different experience rather than reading it somewhere. I liked that we had a hit of natives at our events with Jamon and Nicole instead of touring museums.

When it comes to the events we planned, I found that we fine-tuned each event as the weeks progressed because we began to truly know each other. I love how considerate our cohort is and took that into account when planning activities. We have our inside jokes with each other and have a great laugh every time we meet. I truly enjoyed working with this group and meeting some of the nicest people on the planet.

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  1. I also loved how much we laugh and joke around as a group, but are also able to be serious and talk about stuff like the history Jamon taught on his tours. Best of luck in the coming year!!!

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