Week Eight: Group Meetings & Events – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week Eight: Group Meetings & Events

One of the best parts of the program, outside of being at my community placement, was participating in the group meetings and events. It was a great idea to have these group meeting times because it allowed me, and others, to interact with individuals that I often did not run into. Some of my favorite group meetings or events were the trip to the arcade and the first event where everyone got to know each other. It’s really nice to reflect on the group from its beginnings and see how everyone comfortably interacts now. Overall the group meetings and events were a great and essential aspect of this summer experience. These moments are definitely the times in the program that I will remember for awhile.

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  1. Madison Fetterman

    I agree! I really enjoyed the meetings that we could really interact with one another. Being able to explore Detroit with our cohort that turned into a big group of friends was so beneficial.

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