The End of the Road – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

The End of the Road

After reflecting on my first post, I would say that this experience has exceeded my expectations. My opinion truly did matter at my placement because of my unique perspective being a DPSCD graduate. Many times my colleagues would ask my opinion on what should be done which was great for me. I truly felt as if my voice mattered in an impactful way. Alongside being heard, I enjoyed the fact that I was trusted to teach students at a few of our schools as well as represent the District at community events. Towards the middle of my internship, we were afforded 4 extra interns from Grow Detroit’s Young Talent that I ‘supervised’. As far as apartment living, I enjoyed the lifestyle after adjusting to buying household products and cleaning. Everything just required a bit of adjustment but overall I believe it was a great experience and prepared me for my apartment in the fall. As it relates to my cohort, I have a genuine love for each individual for their personalities and the good vibes. I hope that we continue to build our relationships throughout the school year.

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