Final Week (7/29/19-8/2/19) – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Final Week (7/29/19-8/2/19)

I have to say, a blog post wrapping up my time working in Detroit this summer at LearnEarly and Arts Resurget through the Detroit Community Based Research Program cannot truly capture all the experiences I had the privilege of living through, the memories I spent getting to know the cohort, and my overall personal growth. This program went above and beyond in meeting my expectations. I absolutely loved it, through all the ups and downs—though it was a majority of ups. I am proud of my accomplishments and grateful for all that I have learned from the city and, most importantly, the people.

I am going to keep this short and sweet, because I need time to sit with my own thoughts and reflections, to really internalize all the learning and growing of the past nine weeks. All I can say is I love Detroit. I love the cohort. I love LearnEarly (and that I managed to meet a majority of my initial goals and desires in some shape or form). I love the opportunities and possibilities that have been opened up for me in regard to my academic and professional future (I may want to work in the early learning world someday). I love DCBRP. Also, thank you to Jenna, Jillian, Jassmine, and Shawness for everything you did for me this summer; I appreciate you all, especially your mentorship.

DCBRP, you will be missed. And Detroit, I will see you soon.

P.S. I cannot wait to spend time with you guys (the cohort) next academic year! I strongly value the friendships we have formed over the course of this summer—I will miss you guys! I cannot wait to see what you all accomplish in your futures.


4 thoughts on “Final Week (7/29/19-8/2/19)”

  1. Diamond Buchanan

    Josie, I’m happy to know that the program fulfilled your expectations! I am so humbled to have met such a pleasant spirit like yours. Wishing you a great fall semester and hoping to see you in AA!

  2. Kenneth Ray Washpon

    Hey Josie, I feel you on the idea of sitting down with your thoughts. I also have to internalize all I have learned. I hope you have taken a lot of valuable lesson from it. I hope to see you throughout the school year as well!

  3. Oluwadamilola Zechariah Sado

    I hope to see you through the school year and use the knowledge from my experience in my daily life

  4. Sarah Meiwen Thong

    I completely get the “how can I even summarize how I’ve changed” feeling!

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