Community in a Nutshell – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Community in a Nutshell

Dear Future Jas, 

Congrats on completing your first week at Authority Health despite all the things going on in the world. Even though things aren’t ideal you still found a way to get through it all like you’ve always done. Growing up life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but the things that got you through it all was the community you’ve grown to know and love. As you get older your sense of community will and has changed to either include new elements or exclude old ones. The meaning of community is ever-changing in your life which isn’t a crime because as you grow your needs change. Community currently means the entities you surround yourself with that never gave up on you whether you were at your lowest point or your highest. Community is those people or things that have always shown up for you when you needed them regardless of when or where. All your life you’ve been dependable to many different people in your life so it’s only right to have that energy reciprocated from those you let in your life. 

This idea of community is what has drawn you to work in Detroit. Growing up here you witnessed the community it had to offer first hand. Detroit is a place whose community is prevalent no matter where you go. It starts in the neighborhoods where you know everybody on your block personally and everyone is like family. Community is seen in the random conversations that are had standing in the line at the grocery stores with strangers. Community is so strong that its members never give up on the city regardless of who outside of it does. The community never writes off the potential the city has and because of it has kept its authentic flare alive. That part of the community is what I connected with personally. In my community, we go through everything together and it really showcases that phrase, “It takes a village”. It takes the whole community to bring about change within Detroit and I just wanted to be a part of the cause through this community work. 

When you envisioned what your job was like you would have never in a million years would’ve guessed it would be remotely. Even though this isn’t what you imagined you’re still excited nonetheless because of your lemons into lemonade mindset. You’ve always done a great job of looking at the brighter side of things and this situation is no different. Being that you’ve done remote research you have a little experience so my advice would be to keep your focus on what’s most important to both you and your organization and everything else will fall into place. Try not to stress about the little thing, especially those you can’t change. I know you still hope to make an impact this summer so find the ways you can do that virtually by leaving impressions on everybody you meet. One thing I hope you’ll achieve this summer is to learn more about yourself in whatever way that may be whether it be professionally, socially, or personally. You’ve always lived your life for others and now knows the time to live it for yourself. However, you achieve this just know I’m always rooting for you now and forever. 


Past Jas

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