Week One: Community – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program

Week One: Community

Dear Rakira,

Two years ago if you were asked what “community” means to you I am sure you would have described the street you lived on, everyone, and everything inside your neighborhood. But I can tell you now that it is so much more than that.

Your community should be a group of people that make you feel at home no matter your physical location. I especially know that now since the world is kind of in shambles right now. Trying keep myself updated on COVID-19, spreading awareness/information on systemic racism, and digesting the overwhelming accusations made about sexual assault at my school, while also getting accustomed to a new work schedule is ALOT. I can not really describe how I feel at the moment but it is all very exhausting. With all of this going on, I know that I can always lean on my friends and family for support which is why I consider them my “community.” If its one thing that I can say about you it is that you have remained consistent at choosing the right people to be around.

While your community may not be strictly defined by your physical location, it has certainly had an impact on who you are today. You grew up in Detroit. You went to school Detroit. You played sports in Detroit. With all of your experiences here, it is necessary that you pour energy into the place that has done so much for you and continue to do so as you grow.

As a result of working remotely, you know a few of the things that you planned to experience will not happen. I have realized that this only opens the door for a whole new set of skills/habits you can pick up which will affect you for the better. I am most excited about how this experience will affect your communication skills. We know that technology is not always on our side so that makes it difficult to express yourself or get your message across. But I believe if you can communicate effectively under these circumstances then you’ll be set for life. Even-though you are unable to meet with members of the community personally, I hope that you are able to convey your commitment to serving and understanding the Friends of Parkside community.

I hope you are excited for what major changes are coming your way. Stay ready!

Peace and Love,

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  1. Hi Rakira. Your drive to give back to the city/community that raised you is really admirable. You seem like someone who would really work hard to learn new skills to get an important job done; I bet those at Friends of Parkside will really appreciate your hardworking attitude. I am looking forward to hearing more about your work at Friends of Parkside. Good luck on Week Two.

    Madison D

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