Jasmine – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program


Coming to an End

I’ve learned soooo much from the DCERP meetings. Being a Detroit native, it’s lowkey embarrassing how much I didn’t know about my own city so the learning groups were easily one of if not my favorite part of the summer. They brought light to a lot of not only issues within Detroit but also the

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If It Doesn’t Work, Why Keep It?

https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/in-the-blackest-city-in-america-a-fight-to-end-facial-recognition/ This article brought light to an issue I didn’t even know Detroit was having. Detroit has had a contract with DataWorks that allows law enforcement to use facial-recognition software to identify suspects in crimes, but that software has been doing more harm than good. It was supposed to reduce crime in Detroit but in

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Authority Health

This summer I am working with Authority Health, a community-based GME Teaching Health Center dedicated to improving the health of residents in the City of Detroit and Wayne County by assuring access to care. Authority Health houses many programs like the Detroit Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, for example. They also have Medical Residency programs that focus

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Community in a Nutshell

Dear Future Jas,  Congrats on completing your first week at Authority Health despite all the things going on in the world. Even though things aren’t ideal you still found a way to get through it all like you’ve always done. Growing up life wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but the things that got you through

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