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Community in Detroit

Dear Madgean, 

Your first month working with DPSCD has been surrounded by a world undergoing drastic social change. The pain and harm that has plagued the black community for so long is being pushed to the forefront. People are out there protesting for justice over so many lives taken without any accountability by the system or society. While all of this occurs, you are beginning your first week of community-based research; a topic you have longed been passionate about and one you are still excited to undergo. While there have been and will be times when the issues of the world become overwhelming and emotional to say the least, know that your research is actively playing a part in the social context. Your work is one of many seeking to understand institutions and their influence and connection within the community. 

Community to you (or shall I say me), is having a group of people who share a commonality that reinforces a sense of belonging despite other differences. Within the city of Detroit, this makes up their community. Detroit serves a multitude of races, ethnicities, and abilities. And while so many factors can be used to divide the people of this community, the drive and fight for change is what unites this amazing community. From protesting injustices to forming nonprofits and establishing advocacy groups, Detroit strives to fight against the pressing social justice issues that not only affect the community but America as a whole: police brutality, food deserts, mental health, redlining, etc. 

I wish you could be there and embrace the city as you work with Detroit Public Schools. Unfortunately, COVID-19 does not make doing so a safe possibility. However, I do hope that you receive the same great takeaway you set out for virtually. I hope you learn to embrace Detroit and everything it has to offer (hopefully one day you will be there), learn more about community-based research, and continue on your knowledge of educational disparities. I envision that despite everything now being virtual, you will still be able to take away all of these goals and passions. 

P.S. Don’t worry! You’ll do great. 



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  1. I wish we could have been in Detroit, too. I was really looking forward to engaging with the community in a more personal way and learning about the history and culture of the city through museums, restaurants, field trips, etc.

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