Week Three Blog: SWDCJC, COVID-19, and BLM – Detroit Community-Engaged Research Program
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Week Three Blog: SWDCJC, COVID-19, and BLM

Dear DCERP fellows,

As I continue my work with SWDCJC, it obvious the passion my supervisor and her colleagues feel for the people of Detroit. My supervisor is constantly reaching out to community members and looks for new opportunities for the organization. She is obviously committed to the people of Detroit, and her attitude motivates me to put in more time and effort into our work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for SWDCJC. Most importantly, community members who had court dates in April and May had to reschedule their dates for later this summer. As SWDCJC reopens this week, they will begin to work through this backlog of court dates through virtual court hearings. In addition to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the SWDCJC has also been busy responding to the civil unrest within Detroit and across the nation. This movement has made SWDCJC’s programs and services more needed by many community members.

My supervisor has been particularly impressive while we work to respond to the community regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. She shared her personal views with, including the complex position she falls into considering her racial identity and her relationship to the precinct in SWDCJC’s neighborhoods. While I was drafting a statement regarding the movement to release to the public on SWDCJC’s behalf, my supervisor told me to reach out to my friends and family as well. I really appreciate her openness and desire to hear other’s perspectives.

Madison D

3 thoughts on “Week Three Blog: SWDCJC, COVID-19, and BLM”

  1. Hey Madison!

    I’m so glad you have the opportunity to help strengthen the BLM movement in Detroit throughout the growing tensions and unrest right now through SWDCJC. It’s also great to hear about your supervisor’s openness and understanding of how she can best work within the community. I think that this understanding is critical in grassroots work, as it creates the foundation for the work that needs to be done and how we can effectively accomplish the tasks at hand.

  2. It’s cool you had the opportunity to share your sentiments about the current state of our nation through the community response. It’s important that everyone plays a role in enacting REAL change!

  3. Hey Madison!

    That’s so cool you are able to become close with your supervisors. I love that you have the opportunity to talk about the racial injustices going on in the country with your supervisors and understand each others perspectives. Congrats on the awesome opportunities you are helping create with your partner!

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